Portal for Authors and Editors of the ILC Technical Design Report

TDR Editorial Team
Chair: John Carwardine (Argonne)
Editors, Part-I: Eckhard Elsen (DESY), Hitoshi Hayano (KEK)
Editors, Part-II: Phil Burrows (OXON), Nan Phinney (SLAC), Kaoru Yokoya (KEK), Nobu Toge (KEK)
Project Managers: Marc Ross (Fermilab), Nick Walker (DESY), Akira Yamomoto (KEK)
Technical Editors: Maura Barone (Fermilab), Benno List (DESY)

Reference material for the TDR Baseline Design

File uploader

Select the 'Upload files' button below to start uploading your content (text and/or images). Please remind that figures should be uploaded as separate files from the text, possibly in original.
A pop-up window will open, from there:

  • Enter your email address and the common password (ilctdr) - note: that's a common password for all the TDR authors, valid for the file upload only, it's not your Forge password!
  • Select the chapter using the drop-down menu
  • Add the files to upload using the 'Add files' button - you can add up to 20 files at a time
  • Hit 'Start upload' (IMPORTANT: files will not be uploaded to the server until you hit 'start')
  • The figures will be submitted to a staging area for printing quality check. You will be contacted if the image quality is unsatisfactory for printing.

For Editors and Authors - links into Forge

Templates and Guidelines for authors

  • Download the TDR template set (ILCTDR-template-090.zip) which includes:
    1) Typesetting guidelines
    2) MS Word template
    3) LaTeX template

Source files for previous reports

Some Information on LaTeX install packages and open-source editors for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

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